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" Jake's Fan Club "


I want to keep track of that boy. He touched my heart. IF I was breeding...I would want that boy. He is a survivor.

Sharon Fosseen


WAY TO GO, JAKE!!!  WHAT A BOY!!  Yes, Jake has been a very special boxer from day one!  We are both so happy for him and for you.  The problem  never hurt his spirit and enthusiasm because you give your dogs love and confidence!   When I think of the terrible injury he suffered  I want to cry--  as you know we LOVE that boy!   He truly is a CHAMPION in so many ways!  Congratulations!

Elinor Olson


8/10/06 Hi Barb:

I hope you remember me, I have adored this boy since I first wrote you about him.
Congrats to you!!!!!!  He is a gorgeous boxer and I look forward to his new Canadian Champion photo.  I still hope one day to obtain a nice boxer from you, for now my plate is full with the lovely dogs I have. 

Take Care and continued success.
Cindy Hearn

What a great ending..Congratulations to you...Wendy

Wendy Morawski


Congratulations on your lovely boy enduring such an ordeal and then achieving his deserved titles. Way to go!


Shannon Carlson

Trail's End Boxers 


Klamath Falls, OR

Congrats to you! Thanks for including the link to Jake's story. I read it

and could not imagine how it was for all of you. How awful to go through a

tongue injury like that! I'm so glad for you that he recovered and went on

to do so well. Your dedication to him should be commended.

Teri Berge

Liberti Boxers


Congratulations!!! It's so nice to hear that your boy is still sweeping them in the showing!! What a GREAT ending!

Deb Marshall

Thank Heaven you never gave up on this beautiful boy. What a horrible thing

he went through and how emotionally devastating it had to be for you! They

are our baby's and we expect the best for them. To have him come back and

come back so strongly is a tribute to him, to you and to your handler.


Sharon Fosseen

Congratulations on Troopers Can Ch. That poor dog 

deserves getting his Ch. with that injury ..Gail

This breed is my passion . Please hug him for me and tell him that my heart

bleeds for what happened to him and that I think he is a miracle. I hope he

turns out the be one of our best studs...he has more heart than most!!


Another congratulations. Wonderful how he came back. Arlene Perret

Congratulations on your new champion!!! I like "Come Back Kid".. My girl's Daddy was "Texas Ranger", so made me smile to see the name!

Glad to see the perserverance of our lovely breed!!! 


Michelle Schroll


Prairieville, LA


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