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A Sad Story but with a happy ending

Our "Come-Back Kid" did come back into the show ring after suffering a very serious mouth injury during the time he was with a handler in Feb of 2005.  On 2/15/05 my husband and I were traveling in Ohio and we received a call from Jake's new handler who is from the Midwest that he had just gone through emergency surgery due to a very severe laceration of his tongue in which the tongue had to be sewn back together! Through his Medical Reports/Photos we later learned  that the injury was far more worse than we were led to believe! The medical reports indicated that it was necessary for Jake to be placed into Intensive Care because of  the enormous loss of blood and severe trauma.  Then to add to our distress just 2 days later, another call came from this handler informing us that Jake was taken in again for a 2nd emergency operation  because all the sutures  had opened when he was left unattended playing!  Absolutely no one in the world can imagine what a heartbreak it is for an owner to receive such devastating news.  Not to mention , of course, the suffering that Jake surely went through! Sadly, still today a section of tongue remains split open with a piece missing. This whole ordeal broke our hearts and we didn't know if we would ever see our beautiful boy become a Champion


The following was accomplished in only 13 days of Major showing with Kimberlie Steele !

We brought Jake home to improve his conditioning since the injury with the handler and in May he was sent out to an excellent handler Kimberlie Steele in Riverside, CA.  Kim loved Jake from the start and said she could finish him quickly!  In only 13 days of  Major showing with Kim the following happened: On 6/10 , the first day of the Colorado circuit, Jake picked up a Reserve to a Major at Pike's Peak Boxer Specialty. On 6/ 12 Jake won Winner's Dog and Best of Winners getting his 2nd 4 point Major.  On June 22 he went Reserve to a 5 point Major and on June 28 became a Champion by winning a 5 point Major and Best of Winners.  We are appreciative of Kimberlie Steele's fine job of handling with stellar results and the enormous loving care she gave Jake! 


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